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I was born in 1971 in the south of France. I developed a passion for music very early (thanks to the Beatles!). I soon grabbed a guitar. At 9 I was experimenting with a tape recorder, a cheap mini-organ, and my guitar, simulating a multitrack recorder with my parent’ s hi-fi.
The result was a rather mushy magma, but satisfying at the time. I was starting to learn.
Around 1987, I came across a 4-track Fostex, rather noisy, but what an improvement! It was the first step towards a more suitable home studio set-up.
My summer jobs enabled me to buy some more equipment, in 1989, I owned a Tascam 8-track reel to reel tape machine, a Roland W30 sampler, a mixing desk, a couple of mikes, drum boxes, various stomp boxes and effects. All this was great to record my first serious pop songs and to experiment with samples and electronic sounds.
These songs were for the main part played with band “the Cherubs”.
I was a passionate self-taught craftsman, but in need to learn more. I’d never met anyone in the music business or received any external advice. So, in 1991, I met people from Base prod, a little DIY production unit in Nice with a great attitude and radical views, with whom I learned a lot, especially in terms of songwriting, and production. An essential step forward. I was now more mindful and demanding about my work.
In 1997, I turned to computers, learned how to use a software sequencer, compressors, EQ, etc.
Around that time I stopped working on songs, to explore electronic sounds a bit further.
I started experimenting my production skills on various artists who were mainly friends.
Things were moving on, and with my friend Manu, we decided to start a label, within the developing internet, we stuck to the policy of being independent regarding creation and distribution. We first called that project “ersatz” (name that Manu uses now for his professional web design site ersatz-lab), but was soon to be renamed ALPHATESTER (this is where you’re now guys!).
It was two interesting years of great work, meeting new artists, new friends, such as ElectronX, working on some remix for Krapulax, Wazif.
Then, I left for London, played in bands like Daramone & Cashanova & The Rich Geezers and continued my career as an artist/producer doing some freelance work as a mix and mastering engineer.
This is where I started resuming work on my own songs.
I recently moved back to France with my family, and produced more music, in 2012 with Artigussy, I have at last finished my own album which is coming out in 2013, on vinyl as intended by nature !


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